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Brickmakers and tilemakers


The raw material was available directly in the village. The ground had the right composition for the fabrication. The bricks were made with a judicious mixture of specific clay and sand.

The main stages for the bricks manufacture were:
- Extraction of the ground
- Molding of the raw material
- Firing of the parts

The bricks of Vignacourt's church were manufactured by these craftsmen.

In Picardy, the installation of tiles (panes) on the roofs began in the 18th century.

- The traditional house of Picardy was made up of a bricks basement,
- a wood structure, a mortar (clay and straw) protected by skirting boards.
- The roof tiles covered the whole. It replaced the straw roofing or reeds since 1770.


traditional house

Bricks basement and skirting boards

tile of the church

Ancient tiles of Vignacourt's church.