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Louis Thuillier collection


This treasure was asleep in a Picard attic and was brought to light by Ross Coulthard
and team Sunday Night with the support of Max Uechtritz, Laurent Mirouze and Peter Burness.

Channel Seven, an Australian TV network, became aware of several thousand photographic plates from the First World War held at our village. Three documentaries were produced in 2011 and broadcast on the Channel 7 Sunday Night program. The broadcasts triggered a deep emotional response, both in Australia and Vignacourt.

These photographs are recognized by experts as one of the most important recent discoveries of the First World War.

The video above demonstrates the valuable work carried out by the Australian War memorial.


This is a collection of 4000 glass-plate negatives with Australian, British, French, Indian and US soldiers, Chinese Labour Corps, and French civilians.

This is the persistence of M. Laurent MIROUZE, which enables us to benefit from this valuable heritage.

Several photos offered by M. Kerry STOKES at the Australian war memorial, were shown in exhibitions in Australia (From 2 November 2012 until 31 July 2013 at Canberra) and others dates are planned at the Western Australian Museum, Perth, at Western Australian Museum, Albany, at the Western Australian Museum, Kalgoorlie-Boulde, at the Western Australian Museum, Geraldton. A few photos are available on the war memorial website: Collection Thuillier.

In France, a few photos were displayed by association “Maison des Australiens” during Anzac days.

Since 10 April 2018, you can discover or rediscover this collection in France, in the 14-18 museum of Vignacourt at 196 street "rue d'Amour", to the place where Louis was taking the pictures. The Website is: www.vignacourt1418.com.

Do not forget to plan a visit also to the Naours caves, located 5 miles from here.


Horsham, Returned Services League

On the 11th of November 2015, a Remembrance Day Service was conducted by the Returned Services League in Horsham AUSTRALIA. A feature of the Service was a tribute to the link between Horsham and Vignacourt in France.
The former Mayor, Cr Mark Radford presented a speech translated in French for the citizens of Vignacourt.

Since Lucile and the teens visited Horsham in Victoria, Australia in 2014, the Horsham Council paid tribute every year, on 11 November (Remembrance Day).

Courtesy Cr Mark Radford


The photographer's backdrop



The backdrop in black and white - Photo © AWM Ref 45812


The backdrop used - most of the time - by Louis and Antoinette THUILLIER, shared here to help possible identifications...