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The Emperor Charlemagne had wanted to generalize the teaching of the reading, the calculation, by one ordinance dating back to the year 789. But the school had existed long before, for a rather small elite.. The instruction has developped since the emergence of the writing before J-C and the invention of the paper.

Jules Ferry during the Third Republic (1870-1940), made the school "public", free and secular.
The mixed school becomes compulsory in primary schools by a law applied in 1976 but it is already set up in our village before that.


The boys school

Classe de l'ecole des garcons


Leon LEGRIS, a native of Crouy, was director of the boys school before the World War. To date nobody was identified on this class.

M. Albert BRASSEUR from Montrelet city, was teacher also at this time, he lived at Vignacourt and also M. Marc-Aurèle HOUPIN.

The boys school was located in the main street in the sector of the town hall, the current N° 277 GODARD-DUBUC street. The entrance was done by the gate between the 2 trees, which have now disappeared.

Nowadays, the school is located in the Leon Thuillier street, it includes the infant-school and the primary school. To go at the high school, kids must take a bus or parents' car. (or go to the residential school).



The boys school (in front of the town hall) M. Delbrayelle's poscard.


The girls school

The girls school behind the town Hall, has been constructed before the boys school in the same year that the town hall construction.

Mrs CHASSE Marie native from Ault city was the director of the girls school before the 1st ww. Mrs CATELOIN Renée Clémence native from Montdidier was mistress at this time and also Mme Marie-Amélie DE PONTHIEU.