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Some lords had only then title of this place, others were owners. Jean de Varennes has left his name to such woods Varennes located next to the forest Vignacourt.

The Lordship of vignacourt has chronologically belonged to families at:

- AMIENS the XIe century:
- Familles Varennes the XIIe century,
- Rayneval of the XIV
- Albert CHAULNES of the XVII,
- Familly d' AILLY
- Liefman CALMER
- Charles François DE SELLE.


Charles-François DESELLE

Charles-François DESELLE © Olivier FAUVEAU

Lord Vignacourt (1789) - advisor the king.
portrait painted by Joseph Ducreux XVIII, Marie-Antoinette painter.
Another details on this link: mesnil.saint.denis.free.fr