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Municipal Cemetery

A virtual place dedicated to soldiers born in the village and killed in action.
Most are not buried in Vignacourt.

cemetery gate



Soldiers who died in the American Revolutionary War:

CRONIER François: He was born in 1751 in Vignacourt. He participated in the American Revolutionary War. The kingdom of Great Britain was opposed to the colonies of North America from 1775 to 1783. He was engaged on March 19, 1777.

DUCROTOIS André: He was born in 1747. Enlisted on October 20, 1765 in the Bourbonnais regiment in the American War of Independence. He died in Paris at the military hospital, somewhat maimed.

FOURQUIER Jean-Baptiste: He was born in 1752. Jean-Baptiste was incorporated into the Saintonge regiment during the American Revolutionary War.

GAMBIER André: He was born in 1762. He was incorporated into the Saintonge regiment in the American War for Independence. He died on August 11, 1784. All these men crossed the Atlantic sea, on a warship, a frigate ...


Soldiers who died in the war from 1810 to 1814:

(incomplete list)

BOUTARD Pierre - prisoner of war with 16 000 others French - died in Russia, or in Poland or in Germany..


Soldiers who died in the 1870:

(incomplete list)

THUILLIER Jean-Baptiste, Marshal of the Logis 9th artillery regiment, 3rd battery,
decorated with the military medal.

THUILLIER Joseph Alcide, 3rd battalion of mobile guards..



Soldiers died during the 1st world war:




BEAUVAL Albert Joseph - 72 RI Infantry regiment. Killed on 13 July 1915 in bois de Bolante. He lived at Berteaucourt-les-Dames.

BELLIN André - 154 RI. Dead on 10 August 1918 in Belloy, Oise department.

BENAUX Alcide Arthur - 120 RI, he had been wounded several times, such as close to Verdun. He had been evacuated on July 23th and passed away on July 24th, 1918 at Crouy-sur-Ourcq hospital center.

BRASSEUR Jules Martial - 16th Bn Foot Soldiers. Died in Paris on 11 August 1918.

BRETEL Albert - 72 RI, 150 RI, dead on September 7, 1914, buried at Montgé (77).

BRUNEL Albert - 120 RI et RI from Amiens. Died at Bouchavesnes, Somme department on 11 October 1916.


CALIPPE Leonide Joseph Eugène - 45 RI and 72 RI. Killed to Bois Bolante on 13 July 1915.

CALIPPE Gérard (Marie Hildebert) - 8 RI dead on October 27, 1918 in Landau in Germany.

CARBONNIER Odile - 51, 128, 272 RI, wounded several times, dead on July 21, 1918.

CAVILLON Raoul (Octave, Marcel) - 18 Bn Foot Soldiers battalions, dead on Nov 2, 1914 in Soupir, Aisne department.

CROGNIER Albert (Paul), 19 RI and 242 RI, dead in Chalons-Sur-Marne hospital on 30 May 1919 (Rail accident).

CROGNIER Marcel (Joseph) 51 RI Dead in Saint-Menehould in Marne on 16 January 1915.

CROGNIER Raoul (Alfred) - 72 RI, dead at Tahure on October 6, 1915.


DAMERVAL (Emile Joseph) Edgard - 150, 155, 154 RI, dead on 21 April 1917 in the north-west Berry-au-Bac, Aisne department. Military medal was poshumously awarded.

DAMERVAL Gaston - Regiment Paris fire brigade, RI, Bn Foot Soldiers battalions.

DAMERVAL Joseph Emile - 272 RI, missing in action in Tahure sur Marne on Oct. 10, 1915

DAMERVAL Paul - 18 Bn Foot Soldiers battalions, dead on October 11, 1919 (Germany)

DEROGY Auguste Sigebert - 72 RI, killed in Marne department, in Mesnil les Hurlus.

DEVERITE Gustave Kléber Clément - 164 RI Corporal, a model of courage and cold-blooded since the beginning of the battle. Killed on 4 June 1915, during a violent bombardment of their trenches by the enemy artillery in Bethincourt in Meuse.

DEVERITE Henri - 19e light calavry regiment killed on 10 September 1914 in Saint-Vrain in the Haute-Marne region.

DOMONT Arthur Théophane known Léonide - 128 RI, 12 Territorial infantry. Dead on January 25, 1915 at Buydecoote hospital. He was injured 5 days before at Lambaertzyde, located on coast near Dunkirk (Shrapnel, broken leg).

DOURLENS Léonide Achille - 22 Nursing section, 272 RI, dead on December 30, 1914 in Bois de la Gruerie.

DUBOILLE Jules Léonce - 54 RI, died on May 21, 1916 of injuries (gaz posining) in the Cuperly farm in Marne department. He was wounded a first time in the Calonne trench on April 1915. (leg, bomb fragment). Military medal.

DUCROTOY Charles Octave - 72 RI, dead on November 27, 1914 in wood of Gruerie.

DUCROTOY Joseph Louis - 72 RI killed on 23 February 1915 in Mesnil-les-Hurlus.


FRANCOIS Hippolyte - 18th BCP Foot soldiers Bn, dead on 24 October 1916 in hospital of Châlons-sur-Saône.


GAMARD Emile - 120 RI, 12 R. Ter. d'inf. dead on November 18, 1914 in Belgium.

GAUDRIOT Abélard oseph - 120 and 77 RI. Dead on May 22, 1917 in Craonne, Aisne dept.

GENTE Fernand Emile - 72 RI, soldier missing in action. Dead on 5 March 1915 in Mesnil-les-Hurlus in the Marne region. French medal for cross war engraved with a bronze star.

GODEFROY Victor Benjamin - 72 RI and foot soldiers regiment, died of wounds on 24 September 1915 in the Hospital "St Maur" Chalons Marne. He lived in Beauvais.

GODEFROY Victor - 8e BCP Foot Soldiers battalion, dead in 1914.

GOURGUECHON Sosthène - 120 RI and 272 RI quoted in the Historic of the 272th infantry regiment. Killed at Maizeray - Meuse department.

HUBERT Charles - 3th Engineer Regiment - dead on November 30, 1914.

HUBERT Eugène - 72 RI - First wounded in Gruerie wood (shrapnel) on September 24, 1914, disappeared on April 25, 1915 in Eparges.



LANCEA Joseph Eugène - 176 RI Dead on 14 December on Serbia.

LEFEBVRE Alcide Jules - 116 RI. Died on 20 April 1916 in the village of Vadelaincourt close to Verdun.

LEFEBVRE Marius Paul Jules - 72 RI. Killed at Maurupt on September 1914. Buried in Bignicourt-sur-Saulx.

LOYER Albert Théotime - 51 RI. Died on November 2st, 1914 in Vienne-le-Château.

LOYER Arthur Armand - 48 RI and 12 RI, died on the military hospital at Abbeville.

LOYER Juste - 151 RI, Dead on 8 September 1917, Bois des Caurieres, (reburied in the Meuse on 1921).

LOYER Marcel Emile Eugène - Colonial infantry regiment. Died on May 7, 1917 in Vauxaillon in Aisne department.

MAGNIER Henri Norbert - 151th Infantry regiment, 31th Cie, dead on July 15 at Quimper Hospital. (Bronchitis and tuberculosis contracted in operation).

MARGUE Vulphy Joseph Jules - 401 RI, disappeared on August 18th, 1918 at Tilloloy, Somme. Death recognised on August 31, 1918.

NIQUET Charles Emilien Théotime - 51 RI. Died on September 8, 1914 in Marne depart.

NIQUET Renaud Donas - 33, 6, 31 RI. Died in Canly, Oise department on 21 June 1918.


PETIT Jean-Baptiste Louis Joseph - 120 RI (Péronne) Died of his wounds on 15 April 1915 in Friauville hospital, according to any information provided by German authorities.

PLUQUE Jules Anselme - 72th Infantry regiment with the rank of Caporal on 15th October 1914, and rank of sergeant on December 5th, 1914. He was killed in Belloy en Santerre on September 4, 1916 between Amiens and Saint-Quentin. He was breadwinner.

PRUVOST Paul - 128 RI Dead at Belloy-en-Santerre on September 5, 1916. (Musician).

RETHORE Gaston Philippe - 8th batallion of light infantrymen. Died on 10 Dec 1914 in Belgium, Steenstraete. French medal for cross war engraved with bronze star.

ROUY Albert - 72th infantry regiment in 1902 and 1904 and 12th regiment in 1910 (Training periods), integrated into the 115th infantry regiment the 8th October 1914. He was injured at Auberive-sur-Suippe in the Marne region, on September 25th, 1915. 434 men are dead this day in the tranches in at Auberive-sur-Suippe. He was evacuated on the military hospital of Chalons the following day, and he is dead on October 4th, 1915.

ROYON Albert - 57 RI, died at Menehould on Sept. 22, 1914. He used to play music.

SAGEOT Marceau - 72 et 51 RI. Missing soldier on 26th September 1915 in Meuse department Eparges.

THEOT Alfred Victor, 151 RI, Died on 21 May 1916 in Mort-Home in Meuse around 10 kilometers northwest of Verdun.

THEOT Gaston Virgile, 51 RI. Died at Sapigneul, coast 108, on April 16, 1917.

THEOT Henri Joseph Albert - 72 RI, died in Maurupt on 14 september 1914.

THEOT Joseph Alfred - 91 RI killed on October 7, 1916 at Bois of Saint-Pierre-Vaast.

THEOT Virgile Théophile - 51 RI, Died on 22 February 1915 in Mesnil-les-Hurlus.

THUILLIER Emile Clotaire - 128 RI, listed missing on 28 October 1916, Gruerie wood.

THUILLIER Gatien Joseph - 2nd  Foot Soldiers battalion, killed on 26 April 1915 in Belgium - Pilkem (4 mi from Ypres).

TOUZET Firmin Alfred 128 RI (+ Abbeville), died on 19th April, 1915, killed Gruerie wood, Vienne-le-Château, Marne region. French medal for cross war engraved with a bronze star.

VASSEUR Abel Edouard Elie - 51, 151, 297 RI Died on September 5, 1918.

VAUCHELLE Paul (Joseph Emile) - 129 RI. He is inscribed on the war memorial in the municipality cemetery, but was born in Saint-Ouen village. He died on 30 October 1914 in the Bois de la Gruerie (wood) in the Marne.

VIGREUX Louis - 6th regiment of Hussars and passed to the 72 RI. He was injured on 22 October 1914 in the Marne department in Vienne-le-Château. Listed missing on 13th July 1915 in Meuse department, Lorraine region. (Bolante wood).

VION Paul Oscar - 272 RI, killed in Mesnil-les-Hurlus, Marne department on 6 March 1915.


There are 2 graves of soldiers of the Commonwealth buried in the main path.


Soldiers died during the 2nd world war:


5 local soldiers from Vignacourt, fallen during the 2nd ww: 3 soldiers dead in 1940, 1 died in 1941 at Happenheim in Germany and one died in 1943 in Picardie.

They was part of these different units:

-16th Light Infantry Brigade.

-45th RI (Infantry Regiment).

-28th RR guard (Regional Regiment).

-229th RALD. (heavy Artillery Regiment).

-163th RAF (dead in Germany).


Statue sculpted by M. Albert Roze

Statue by M. Albert Roze representing the orphan and his mother


This sculpture of Albert Roze is in the central path, was inaugurated in 1921. 75 names of soldiers killed in 14 were carved on the base. In France, the commemorations take place on November 11th, the cornflower is the official emblem.

The other statue in the military cemetery was consecrated the same day, it was partially funded by the residents of the locality, on the initiative of Mr. Harry Hartley.