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Some local soldiers


Some Vignacourt soldiers having fought in France or abroad for World War I, the World War II, for the American War of Independance, and other conflicts.

Dead soldiers during the wars are named in the "Municipal cemetery" section, History part.




World War I

- CARLIER Edmond


- POULAIN Albert

- ROUY Emile, Fréderic

- THEOT Adolphe Alphonse



World War I


CARLIER Edmond Raymond

The first Vignacourier to become Australian!
He served with the French army in the following regiments:

- 8th Infantry regiment, 18th December 1914
- 36th Infantry regiment, 13th January 1915
- 129th Infantry regiment, 27th June 1915
- 103th Infantry regiment, 30th December 1915
- 61th Territorial infantry, 16th January 1919
- 94th Infantry regiment, 11th May 1919
- 54th Infantry regiment, 16 April 1920

He was injured by pomegranate splinters with multiple wounds in the forearm and legs.
He was evacuated twice for strep throat on 6th Nov 1916 and 8th Sept 1917.
He was evacuated gazed on 28 August 1918 but he survived the war...

He arrived in Australia from France on 20 September 1920 per the ship Orsovia and disembarked at the port of Melbourne. He obtained Australian citizenship after a few years lived in Victoria, to Mildura next to the Murray River. He became a horticulturist over there. He was married to Valentine Carlier native from Paris, France. (Mother-in-law: Blanche). He was the brother of Mrs. Paule Carlier married to Leo Westhead. His son, Albert, had become a Veteran...

According to Australian researchers, Helen Petschel, got a photo of returned servicemen who became the first settlers at Red Cliffs, Vic. They settled on land cleared by them, for dried grape growing. The first clearing started in April 1920.

Paule married Leo Westhead and they sponsored Raymond and Valentine who took up block 675. Blanche Carlier their mother, also owned block 27 in 1925.

If you have a link with this family and you could provide us a Mr. Emond Raymond Carlier's photo, a wife's photo and for Blanche too, it would be great....



M. Joseph Fuscien called Emile worked at the brickyard. He was an officer of the French Army and he has evolved into different regiments: 72th, 272th, 51th, 65th Infantry regiments. He fought with bravery and was wounded several times. He contributed to the failure of the enemy, he awarded Military Cross.

During world war II, he was assigned in different regiments and incorporated in the 16th light infantry brigade. He died in Meurthe-et-Moselle the 18th of June 1940.

Crognier Emile Rue

Plate of the street - Commander Emile Crognier - near the church.



Quartermaster of the French Navy, he was enlisted volunteered in 1911 in Cherbourg. He was aboard the Simoun, a sea torpedo boat. This warship was moored in Dunkirk in December 1915.

He married in 1916 in Dunkirk and he continued to live in this region thereafter and he worked on the harbor. He was recorded in 1933 such as a sworn weigher. He is dead in Rouen in January 1943. (To date, the family can't provide us a portrait).



The Simoun, Deep sea torpedo boat - Photo credit Mr. Rouxel - Ecole.nav.traditions.free.fr



ROUY Emile Frederic

He was born in Vignacout and moved before the war in Paris, he was a hairdresser. He was incorporated in the 161st Territorial infantry.

He saved several children from a fire during a bombing in 1914 in Achiet-le-Petit (Pas-de-Calais). He was commended in the army corps order on October 2, 1914 and he won the War Cross. His brother died of wounds in the Marne sector.


THEOT Adolphe Alphonse

Zouaves regiment 1st, 2nd (Sept 1917), 4th (Nov 1917 - Orient) and 24th Infantry regiment the year 1924.

Adolphe THEOT worked as a baker at Clérentin's in Picquigny, in the street "Au-delà-du-Pont" (Beyond-the-Bridge).

He ensured the liaison under heavy bursts of machine guns and artillery. He won several medals during the war, including the Orient Medal for his actions in Orient from October 16, 1917, to April 21, 1919.

Medaille Orient

The Orient Medal, courtesy of M. Pierre-Yves Raynier,
website: www.medailles1914-1918.fr (map).