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Picardy cooking


Plums pie

According to Austin de Croze "Picardy is probably the French region,
which preserved the most ancient recipes" 1926.


Regional specialities:

- “Bisteu” Pie made from potatoes with puff pastry base or short pastry.
- "Caghuse" homemade with onions and pork, associated with seasonal vegetables.
- "Ficelles picardes": Local name for crepes filled with a ham and mushrooms preparation.
- The Amiens duck pâté is a crusted pâté, a terrine usually served with a green salad.
- Lamb of a salt meadow of the Somme Bay.
- Potatoes baked in the oven, for the family meals (as in Greece, in the baking sheet).
- Salty tarts are a classic for all regions in France.
- Gâteau battu: a Brioche cake, called "Eggs cake" to the 17th century, eggs were easily available for the farmer. Bakers propose now a recipe with fewer eggs and the same taste.
- Rabottes: Those are baked apples, wrapped in a puff pastry.
- Chantilly cream is a whipped cream, created at the Chantilly castle.
- Home-made tarts with apples or plums (dried plums).


Traditional cake of Picardy

Brioche cake from picardie called "beaten cake" (whipped cake)


Regional products:

The famous Mr. Parmentier, “developer” of potato cultivation in France, was born in the Somme region. Several varieties of potatoes are cultivated in our region.

- Potatoes:

- “Bintje”, variety very popular in the North of France and Europe,
- “Vitelotte”, have a color violet,
- “Pompadour”, named inspired of the Marquise de Pompadour,
- “Ratte du Touquet”, small potatoes, Touquet is the city on the coast.
- «Juliette des sables » (Juliette of sands), in the Bay of Somme.

The potato starch used in culinary preparations (naturally gluten-free) is made in Picardy with a specific potato variety, which is richer in starch.

Salicornia of Somme Bay, like “beans” of the sea to use in accompanying with other vegetables.

- Picardy mustard.
- "Vergeoise" (brown sugar) is made in the North with sugar beets made in Picardy.
- Honey with linden (silver medal 2014 – Paris international Agricultural show).
- Amiens macaroons, chocolate tiles, (sold near the Amiens Cathedral shop).

- Cheeses:

- Bray Picard: made from cow's milk,
- Rollot: heart-shaped cheese, Rollot is the name of a village,
- soft cheeses made from goat's milk,
- Picardy Tomme cheese is made in the Oise. (The south of Picardy).

- Beverage:

. Several craft beers produced in the breweries of Picardy and the cervoise (the traditional barley beer). Regnault d'Amiens lord of Vignacourt, offered oats to the ladies of Moraucourt so that they could make "cervoise".

. the cider exist in Picardy since 16 century,
. Wine of Craonelle, the rhubarb nectar.
. Champagne made in Picardie (Aisne) with a gold medal at the international Agricultural Show in Paris in 2020.


Former restored press

Former restored press