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Fishing nets factories


Many Vignacourt residents worked in the fishing nets workshops. Initially, there were several manufacturers, the best known were Clement Lefebvre, Thuillier-Buridard and Nector Helluin.

The company Thuiller-Buridard was founded in 1885 and evolved a few years later towards a grouping of companies. It was awarded in Paris in 1889, bronze medal, in Paris in 1900 gold medal, in London in 1905, in Brussels in 1910.

The Clement Lefebvre and Sons enterprise was also awarded at the 1900 world Fair in Paris (silver medal).

The headquarters of "the French society of fishing nets" was located in Paris, 14th district.

The company owned several factories:

- Vignacourt: spinning and weaving, the "Thuillier-Buridard" and "Clement Lefebvre" Cies.
- Douarnenez (Finistère): ancient "Bélignic Companie",
- Coudekerque-Branche (North, near Dunkirk): Ets Dickson, Walrawe Co.,
- Paris: The ancient "Cocatre Cie".

The factory behind the church was specialized in cotton twisting and mill-throwing (At the current location of the supermarket).

The other plant on the street: "Thuillier-Buridard" was dedicated to the manufacture of fishing nets. Today nothing remains of this activity except the chimney still standing.


Vignacourt plant

Vignacourt plant


French fishing nets company, Thuillier-Buridard

Fishing nets


Douarnenez plant - Brittany region

Douarnenez plant - Brittany region


Paris factory of the French fishing nets company

Paris plant, 14th district