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Traditionals professions


Blacksmith farrier: Person who works iron and wrought iron.

blacksmith farrier

One blacksmith farrier was between "rue d'en Bas" street and Follemprise street.

Cabinetmaker: Specialist in the manufacture of top-of-range furniture, requiring a detailed precision more than joinery

Carpenter: he manufacture the roof structure.

Carrier: Person who ensured the carriage of goods per road, or inland waterway.

Cartwright: whichever manufactures carriages, as well as the wheels of these vehicles

Cooper: Craftsman who manufactures and repairs the barrels and wooden containers.

Hatter: Person who sold hats, formerly

Hawker: collecting the fresh products in the campaigns to resell them at the market.(Eggs, poultry and vegetables).

Lumberjack: person which cut trees in the forest.

Merchant of flax: Flax cloth salesman.

Miller: Person who exploits a mill, or who manufactures of flour.

Rope-maker: Person which manufactures ropes.


Municipal drum


Rural guard: (Municipal drum) Trainer police in the territory of a rural commune but he informed the population, by the making announcements in the streets.

Spinner: Person who spins a textile at the hand.

Tilemaking: Manufacturer of tuiles.

Weaver: Workman who manufacture silk or wool fabrics.

Woodturner: Craftsman who works with a "wood turn". (18th century)

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