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Agricultural farms


Picardy is the first region for the growing of sugar beets, the second for the potatoes. The wheat and french endives (Chicon in the Picardy language) are also exploited. Today, more than 2 000 hectares are cultivated by farmers from Vignacourt. There is also livestock farming and milking cows.

This is a blocking import of sugar from the West Indies in the early 19th century, which will be the starting point, of development of sugar production in France. Several of Napoleon's reforms will promote agricultural activity.

In the northern department, it will be the development of the culture of chicory (coffee substitute), in Picardy, it will be the sugar beets. The climate of the region is suitable for this crop. Sugar beets are planted after the winter frost in March April and are harvested in October-November.

The size of the regional agricultural farms will increase after World War II and the use of combine harvesters, beet harvesters, and potato harvesters will become commonplace. Many mouths are to be fed after this period of food restriction, it is necessary to produce quickly, in quantity and at low cost at the request of consumers, at the expense of nutritional quality.

From the 2000s, agriculture began a new mutation with a gradual return to productions more respectful of nature, of the nourishing earth, to meet the demand of the market.


rapeseed field in Picardy nothern Francemachines



ploughed field of Vignacourt

Fields in Somme area

Golden wheat fields in Picardie