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The railway line Amiens-Canaples with a stop to Vignacourt was put into service in 1877. The “Northern Company” operates the line until 1937. During the 2nd World War, it will be managed temporarily by SNCF. (National Society of French railways)

In the past, the line between Amiens to Canaples included the following stops: Amiens, Saint-Roch, Montières, Longpre-les-Amiens, Bertangles, Poulainville, Flesselles, Vignacourt, Canaples.

There were 3 schedules of train per day, for travelers wanting to go at Amiens. The line no longer works today. (Despite the number of workers and students going to work on Amiens, and travelers are more important than in the past).

Currently, the “Australians’ house” is located in the former station (A few meters from the British cemetery). This is also a house for different local associations.


Gare de Vignacourt

Vignacourt station when it was still in operation





The old railway with the grain silo in the background