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Passing regiments


Vignacourt was a stop for the soldiers before going back in the battlefields…
A period to regaining strength, some training sessions and doctor visits if needed.

The famous Allan Allsop  - who has also visited the underground caves of Naours village, a popular tourist site at 5 mi from Vignacourt - cited in his diary, several visits to the surgeon and the dentist to Vignacourt, all the day.

He speaks also of concert in Vignacourt. These concerts was quite common in the region, for instance to Amiens city also : the aim was to recover funds for the wounded soldiers, the most of the time.

Vignacourt was located only at few miles of fights… They stay a few hours or days. This list below is filled according to research and exchanges - ww1




- Australia fleche

- Canada

- Chinese

- France

- Indians

- United Kingdom

- United states of America




1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 17,

2nd Mechanical transport company - 1918. They passed through by other villages near Vignacourt: Flesselles, Ally-sur-Noye ; Péronne, Bohain, Roisel, Poulainville, Tincourt (3rd AMT) ; But several divisions....

4th Australian Division Headquarters

4th field ambulance and 8th field ambulance - 1917

7th Machine Gun Company, 4th battery, 1st Div - Flers and Vignacourt, from 1st to 18th December 1916.

13th Machine Gun Company

19th Battalion NSW - 1918. A few soldiers were photographed by Louis Thuillier (N° PO10550.093). Others cities "crossed": Amiens Mont-St Quentin.

29th Battalion - Nov 1916

51st Battalion

52nd Battalion - this Battalion was photographed by Louis Thuillier with the monkey, the Battalion mascot.



The Rising Sun Badge

The rising sun of the ANZAC Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The template of the badge used during the First World War below, has been manufacturer in other versions for special ceremonies (modification of the roller inscription for example) and it has evolved over time.






Canadian Army Medical Corps - CAMC - Vignacourt and Crouy - summer 1918.

Canadian Railway Troop - CRT (12th) - Vignacourt, Etricourt 1918.


Bilplan ADE




Chinese Labour Corps




4th B.T.C.A. - 29 April until 6th May 1918 (Airfield maintenance)

3th colonial infantry regiment - (Terrasmenil - Vignacourt - Plivot) - 1915

4th colonial infantry regiment - 1915

8th colonial infantry regiment - July 1915

8th Cuirassiers regiment, 9th division - End June, July 1915

23th Dragons regiment - Vignacourt and Halloy-les-Pernois - May 1915

Hussar regiment 1st - April 1918

41th RI : A few hours.

49th Field Artillery - Colonel's review - 19 July 1915

219 RAC - Field artillery regiment - by Ailly sur Somme, Saint-Vaast, Vignacourt, Canaples, billeting to Hem, Longuevilette - Avril 1918

320 RAL - Heavy artillery regiment - by Fourdrinoy, Picquigny, billeting to Vignacourt - Avril 1918

Squadron SAL 24 (heavy artillery) - 1918

Squadron SOP 36 - 1918

Squadron SOP 279 - 1918

Squadron train 13th: Their goal was to supply the trains (21st Cie, Captain Chalard) From April 13 to May 3, 1918, they moved to Saint-Germer (Oise) Fresnoy-au-Val, Vignacourt, Candas during this period. Then Châlons-sur-Marne (The harvest and transport of food for the civilian population in the Marne). It was a convoy by road with horses for some companies.



Credit photo website: Vaux-en-Amienois www.vaux-en-amienois.net



Indians troops


United Kingdom:


Durham Light Infantry

Essex Yeomanry - Picquigny, Havernas, Naours and HQ to Vignacourt - Dec 1917

Gordon Highlanders (2nd) - Ailly sur Somme, Vignacourt (train), Mericourt.

17th and 19th Kings Liverpool regiments. (18th billeting at Fremont and the 20th at Vaux - both villages nearest Vignacourt - side railroad).

Manchester Regiment - 17th Bn - Nov 1915 - One night. Located before at Domqueur and after Vignacourt, at Bertangles.

North Irish Horse - 1919

Royal Air Force - Squadrons N°: 8, 20, 54, 80, 151 - 1918

Royal Scots Fusiliers under the command of Captain SJ Platt - 1915

Royal Warwicks 14h Battalion - Vignacourt, Pont-Noyelles - End 1915 (3 days).

Royal Warwicks 15th Battalion - Vignacourt, Coisy - End 1915 (a few days).

South Staffordshire 1st and 2nd Battalions.

West Yorkshire Regiment: 6th Battalion - 1915

Worcestershire: 4th.



United States of America:


33 rd Division AEF American Expeditionary Force - Eaucourt, Long, l'Etoile, Flixecourt road, Vignacourt, Saint-Vast, Poulainville, Allonville - 1918.