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"La Fabrique", the Factory







The staff of Sadrin factory, photo courtesy of Mrs. Théot.
The daughter of Mr. Chabran and her husband (in black) and Abel Theot are on this photo.


Les Ets Sadrin is a house founded in 1883. The head office was based in Neuilly-sur-Seine at 82 rue Peronnet.

The Picardy manufacture of sorghum straw brooms, commonly called "the factory" in Vignacourt, ceased its activities on May 1, 1954.

The introduction of a new production tax will not make it possible to combat artisanal competition exempt from tax.

Other craftsmen in the village maked straw brooms but on their own right.

The workshop in our village was managed by Mr. Augustin Chabran, then later by his stepson and daughter. Augustin, leader of the "Vignacourt Vanguard", also had a son, but we lose track of him during his childhood ....