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World war I


Local situation


During the war, a wounded evacuation zone has been established at Vignacourt, under the tents. The goal was to bring the first cares, not far from the front lines.

The nearby railway allowed the evacuation of injured to specialized hospitals if necessary. The lucky ones did a stop before to return on the battlefield.

The airfield was located a few meters away. A mark on the ground helped guide the planes.

The length of the trenches in the village would have been estimated about at 40 km long, according to the works of filling done after the war.

Soldiers from different nationalities have passed in our village: Americans, Australians, British, Canadians, Chinese, French, Germans, Indians, Irish, Italians, Moroccans.

Vignacourt was the headquarters squadron of the Royal Air Force.
The fifth brigade of Australians to Vignacourt was led by General Martin.


King royal irish lieutenants sidecard camp chinois


guerre 14 avion 14*18 Royal engineers


Private Jsthorne mitrailleur AIF soldats

English soldiers

Louis Thuillier photos



Key dates


1914 - 28th June: Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand - The Sarajevo attack.

1914 - 02 August: French mobilization.

1914 - 5st Sept to 12th Sept: battle of the Marne.

1915 - 25 April: landing of the British.

1915 - 23 May: entry into the War of Italy.

1916 - 21th Feb to 19th Dec: battle of Verdun.

1916 - 1st July to Nov 18th: battle of the Somme.

1916 - 19 to 20 July: battle of Fromelles.

1917 - 16th April to 24th Oct: battle of Chemin des dames – Aisne.

1917 - 6th April: United states declared war on Germany.

1917 - 20 Nov to 7 December: The battle of Cambrai.

1918 - 27th May to 6 August: 2nd battle of the Marne.

1918 - March 21th to April 5th: Operation Michael.

1918 - August 8th to 12th: battle of Amiens.

1918 - August 31 to Sept 3st: Mont Saint-Quentin.

1918 - Nov 11th: Signing of Armistice.

1919 - June 28th: The treaty of Versailles.



General mobilization poster in France