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Traditionals games of Picardy


These various and varied games were meant to distract but also make exercise. A healthy mind in a healthy body.

The practice is already framed at this time, some games are only allowed on specific days on the year, for instance.


Gif bordure


Ballon by fist

The game consists to throw the balllon with the fist, protected with a band of canvas or leather. Teams composed of 5 or 6 players compete on a 65 m long fields, delimited by a rope. To score points, the team must bounce the ball between the posts of the opposing side.

Competitions were organized in Vignacourt after the war but also in the neighboring villages. This game called "gain ground" is played outdoors in general.


Game of "choule" or "chole":

It was a game practiced with a leather ball filled with foam, whose origin dates back to the 12th century in France, but it was mainly played in Picardy.

The goal of this game was to make the ball touch the ground of the other side with the hands or the feet. The rules were different according to the municipalities.


Game of frog:

This game is a kind of "pinball". It includes different racks numbered, in which it is necessary to launch metal discs to obtain a maximum of points.

Game of frog

Game of frog


Game of "guise":

The purpose is to throw again the "guise" (cylinder of wood sharpened on the 2 sides) using the bat of wooden.


Game of "Paume":

This game, such as the ball with the fist, the ball with the hand, the ball with the sieve, the long palm. The goal is to return the ball in the opposite camp with the palm of the hand.


Game of plates:

You must throw wood plates on a long table while placing a maximum of plates in front of those of the adversary.


Game of skittles:

The aim of this game is to remove a maximum of skittles by using a ball. The skittles are arranged in a specific way on a "quiller".