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Lordship of Vignacourt


Some lords had only a title of this place, others were owners. Jean de Varennes for example has left his name to the "bois of Varennes", just next to the Vignacourt forest.

The list below was established, as objectively as possible. The information presently available in the archives are sometimes contradictory for a few "connections". These first historians having made this research work, beforehand, tried to dig deeper, to resolved the points of difference. Nevertheless, the "central dimension" of these names are close to the reality.

These information are completed over time by the new advancement in the documentation research and by exchanges with other researchers. (The french part is more advanced).




The Lordship of vignacourt has belonged to:



Regnault D'AMIENS

Lord of Vignacourt and other place (Flixecourt... ). He was was a strong Christian and has founded the collegiate church of Vignacourt and the "organization" (several Canons).
He was initially Canon at the Amiens cathedral in 1200. The old cathedral of Amiens burned in 1218. It was struck by lightning and burnt.
It is at the death of his brother that he resigned from this function and married Mathilde.
He was buried in the collegiate church of Vignacourt in 1227, beside his wife.
The coat of arms of the family of Amiens is composed of 3 rafters. This template is used by the Flixecourt village (near Vignacourt).


Coat of arms of family d'Amiens, lord of Vignacourt





Lord of Vignacourt and Flixecourt.
Wedding with Agnès of Amiens, Lady of La Broye.



Lord of Vignacourt, of Flixecourt and La Broye.
Wedding with Jeanne of Picquigny in 1281.



Lord of Vignacourt, Flixecourt and La Broye.



Liefman CALMER

He was born in northern Germany at Aurich in 1711. He moved to La Haye in Holland where he has been thriving and in moved later at Paris in 1769.

He obtained the title of Lord of Vignacourt, Vidame of Amiens, Baron of Picquigny with the purchasing credits of the Duck of Chaulnes in 1774. Vidame was a title of French nobility very unusual. He died at Paris 10 years later, in 1784.


Charles Francois DESELLE

Lord of Chatellenie of Vignacourt, Breilly-sur-Somme (8 mi from Vignacourt), Toulay (near Breilly) and other places. Knight, Conseillor of the King and vidame of Amiens city. Vidame a french word from latin "Vicedominus" reliant on the feudal status of the territory.

Lord of county Mesnil-Saint-Denis and Beaurain and other places.
He died in 1814 at around 65 years old.
His name was written differently according to various sources but for Vignacourt, it was DESELLE at the date of the french revolution.


Seigneur DESELLE Charles-François

Charles-François DESELLE © Olivier FAUVEAU

Portrait painted by Joseph Ducreux XVIII, the Marie-Antoinette painter,
another details on this link: mesnil.saint.denis.free.fr