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In old times, most local people were busy by exploitation of agricultural land and to sell harvests. The clay soil allowed development of jobs linked of manufacturing bricks, tiles.

The jobs related to the textile sector have always played an important role at the end of 19th, beginning of the 20th century.

There were also lot of coffee shops such as "Station coffee' in front of the station, Town-hall coffee next to the town-hall, Progress coffee, Trade coffee...

After the industrial development, majority of people were factory workers.


coffee bar

Calippe-Detre coffee shop, Calippe grocery and Post office on the place in front of town-hall.


- Locals enterprises before the 1st world war:

- Coffee shops:

- Coffee BINET located on right of the Coffee “Hôtel de ville” (Town Hall).
- Coffee CALIPPE DETRE - 1911.
- Coffee Comptoir Français - (French countertop) 1st ww (LT Photo)
- Coffee de la Gare, Pétine Godet – (Station coffee shop), in front of the former station.
- Coffee du Globe
- Coffee de l'Hôtel de ville, (Town hall coffee) located just on the right of the city hall.
- Coffee LOYER Débitant (LOYER Coffee wine tavern), street Hornas.
- Coffee du progrès - 1st ww (LT Photo)


Bakers :

- DAMERVAL Jules, Park street.
- LECOCQ Paul, in front of the church.
- VASSEUR Emile, Amiens street.


- Manufacturers, shops:

- BARILLET-BOUTARD, manufacturer of canvas, sacks, tarpaulins - 1899
- CALIPPE Jules, local grocer (epicerie) on the place - 1911.
- DETRE (P), manufacturer of canvas - 1899
- DUHAMEL Louis - enterprise (he worked on the church)
- DUCROTOY Jean-Baptiste, manufacturer of sacks of canvas. Gold award at Paris in 1874.
- GAMARD Espérance - painter ("wall" painted in the church)
- GENTE Cycles and repairs – 2 wheels vehicles - 1st ww (LT Photo)
- FOUACHE Olivier - woodworker
- FREMONT sons, manufacturer of raw wool combed and woven - 1854
- FREMONT sons and DANZEL, spinners of woolen - 1852
- GODARD Joseph - woodworker.
- HELLUIN (H), manufacturer of canvas - 1899
- HELLUIN Nestor, twisting of wires- 1899
- LEFEBRE (C), twisting of wires - 1899
- PAUCHET (E), twisting of wires - 1899
- PAUCHET (F), twisting of wires - 1899
- PAUCHET Marie, Merchants of a small shop - 1911 (Grocery store before the pharmacy)
- PAUCHET-THUILLIER, twisting of wires - 1899
- Ruche Picarde - grocery managed by M. Paul NIQUET (owner M. Dian - Amiens) Ecole

The shop "La Ruche" was right in front of the boys' school.

- SADRIN, manufacturer of brush – plant was managed by Augustin CHABRAN - 1911
- THUILLIER (E), elder son, twisting of wires - 1899
- THUIILLIER, merchent of canvas and shop at Amiens, place of market street - 1862.
- THUILLIER-BURIDARD, fishing nets.

- Services before the 1st ww:


- Doctors and medical field:

- Dr BOURY Pierre-François, doctor.
- Dr GIFFO Alexandre, doctor.
- Dr RINUY Henri, doctor. He gave his name to a street of Flesselles.
- DR Triffard (1923)
- Mrs SEGAIS Elise, midwife.
- M. OSSET Ernest, pharmacist.


- Post office and telegraphy:

- DUBRULLE Gustave - Postman
- PAYEN Elise, manager of the post & telegraph office, (antenna behind the house).


- Train - North compagny:

- DELAVISSE Ulphe - gatekeeper
- LECLERCQ Emile - Station Master
- MAUPIN Emile


- Veterinary: