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About me


www.vignacourt.free.fr is a website dedicated to the history of this village. A work of memory on Vignacourt with historical and genealogical research started in the 90s when the internet was not yet accessible to the public. The first version of this site was online in 1999.

As a native Vignacourt, I wondered what was the origin of my ancestors, their history, their jobs? How did they live, traditionally? I started collecting documents about my genealogy.

Then, it appeared to be important to share the collected information for a larger number of people, with an online connection.

And over time, the data found was more important, my website evolves too and my passion for the history of this village is far from over.

Don't forget to check out the "Research" section in the "Society" column. There is also information shared on the facebook page: "Vignacourt history".
If you want to send me an email, you can use this one: isabelle.deco@laposte.net


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