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About the editor


This is volunteer work. The first version of this website was posted on line in 1999. Research has been started long before. (internet was not available at this time).

As a native Vignacourt, I has always questioned about my ancestors when I was very young. Firstly, I began to collect informations and documents on my genealogy.

It appeared necessary later, to share in order to avoid losing informations, with an on-line connection for a larger number of people.

And along away, a lot of history has accumulated since that time. My engagement is far from over.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to share informations. Also don't forget to check out "Research" section in the "PEOPLE" column. There are also exchanges on facebook with continued positive development.



You can contact me at this email adress: isabelle.deco@laposte.net

www.vignacourt.free.fr is also on social networks:

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