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Roses of Picardy


The Roses of Picardy enjoys an international popularity with the song created in the first world war. The song tell the story of the meeting a British soldier and French women of Picardy.

The lyrics were written by an English lawer: M. Frederic Edward Weatherly. Music was composed by M. Haydn Wood in 1916.


Rose of Picardy


A flower was designed also by a famous Englishmen: Mr. David AUSTIN in 2004.

This is a rose, pink red with yellow stamens.The sweetbriar is a wild rose, with an ancient origin. There are several varieties in the world. The english term “sweetbriar” would be a distortion of the French word "bruy√®re" (cousin shrub of rose hips). It was baptized at the Valloires gardens by the Duchess of Gloucester for the celebrations of the centenary of the Entente Cordiale.

Rose Picardy

Rose of Picardy


Since 1860 a Picardy rose is woodcarved at Vignacourt. Rose of Picardy is a emblem sculpted on the Vignacourt sideboard. This is a low typical sideboard of Picardy. All details on this link: Vignacourt sideboard.

Rose de Picardie

Rose of Picardy woodcarved