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Musical formation was founded before 1900. Musicians were present for the church ceremony for laying the first stone.

The band was managed by :

- M. Achille LEFEBVRE - 1895
- M. MARGUE - 1899 - 1903 - 1909
- M. Alcide FERTEL - 1912

After the war, some musicians will never come back at home.

The Brass band was recreated in 1983 on the initiative of Mr Poiret and Mr Hubau (former Mayor). Few years later, it takes back the original name: Music of Vignacourt.

The Vignacourt brass band participated in several competitions of regional or international level before the 1st ww :

- The international competition of Music of Lille in August 1902, director Mr. MARGUE.
- The International Music Competition of Paris in May 1912, director Mr. FERTEL.
- 1898: Dieppe, 1899: Compi├Ęgne, 1901: Clichy, 1902: Flesselles, 1904: Corbie,
- 1905: Dieppe, 1906: Amiens, 1912: Abbeville, 1912: Berck, 1914: Berteaucourt.

The musicians are still participating in the national day of 14 July, 11 November and Anzac day and various events.


The Vignacourt' band in front of the city hall.



The cap of Alix DELHOMEL (1882-1965)