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The battles


A page dedicated to some battles dating from the Middle Ages linked to our regional history, such as the battle of Agincourt, Bouvines, Crecy and the battle of Saucourt. Knights linked to the history of the village have lost their lives on these battlefields.

A brief reminder also about the wars of the revolution and some battles of the Empire, important facts for the chronology of our history and the conflicts that ensued.




Middle Ages



The Battle of Agincourt was a battle that occurred on October 25, 1415 during the Hundred Years War. It opposed the French knights to King Henry V of England. The English will emerge victorious although they were in a smaller number.

Azincourt is a town in Pas-de-Calais, located 80 km from Amiens and 80 km from the city of Calais. This village has an interpretation center: "Center Agincourt 1415" and you can visit the battlefield.



This battle took place in 1214 near Lille. It was won by emperor Otto IV, emperor of Germany, allied with the king of England.

He then divided France into "provot├ęs" (jurisdiction managed by an agent of state administration) and bailiwicks (administrative district).



Bouvins battle plan, "near" Lille city



French knights will face the enemies in vain on August 26, 1346. The battlefield is located near the forest of Crecy near Abbeville. (Somme bay)

Edward III of England emerged victorious from this battle against Philip VI. The English archers, better trained in archery will make the difference. Gunpowder is used for the first time in this battle. Crecy is a battle of the one hundred years war.



Crecy battle plan with the forest on the left




The Battle of Saucourt took place not far from Abbeville in Vimeu area, more precisely in Saucourt-en-Vimeu halfway between Eu city and Abbeville, in the presence of King Louis III and King Carloman II, in the year 881. Saucourt was written in 881 Sathulcurtis with the suffix Curtis ...

The recumbent figure of the King Carloman, king of the Franks from 879 to 884 is at the Saint-Denis basilica in the north of the Paris region.



Revolutionary wars and battles of the French empire


- Munich (Bavaria) - August 25, 1796

- Berlin (Prussia) - October 27, 1806

- Lisbon (Portugal) - November 30, 1807

- Madrid (Spain) - December 1808

- Moscow (Russia) - September 4, 1812

- Waterloo (Belgium) - June 18, 1815