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Biodiversity is a term used by scientific communauty in the 1990s to define the diversity of natural resources and its mechanisms.

Biodiversity is made up of plant and animal species that are part of our environment, our heritage. These species punctuate our seasons, those are essential landmarks for human beings. Will you be able to live in a world without plants and animals?




Plant species


Mallow flower

A plant that we see reappearing in the wild along the paths with the reduction of pesticides.

This plant cultivated on several hectares formerly by our elders in the north of France and in Picardy was used by herbalists for medical purposes for inflammatory conditions for example. Before that, the Romans and the Greeks used an older variety in salads.

There are a multitude of species around the world, in France certain varieties are used by landscape gardeners to decorate the beds.




Mullein plant

The mullein is a plant with yellow flowers, in picardy. It is still present along the paths and is wrongly considered a bad plant. It was once used for its medicinal properties. They provide bees with the nutrients they need to make honey.

This plant is known in all French regions but also in Norway, Ireland. The peasants of these countries made use of it for veterinary purposes, to cure cattle. There are many varieties around the world, including Canada, China, Australia, and New Zealand.



Mullein plant



This wild flower with bright red petals grows in wheat fields. It is the symbol of the soldiers of the great war who died in combat, especially for the Anglo-Saxons. It is customary to wear this buttonhole on November 11 in memory of those who died on the battlefield.

The red version of this flower is the best known but there are varieties of different colors around the world, the orange version in California, the yellow for Wales, the blue for Nepal.




Cork oak

Cork oak is known for its bark. It resists firing a little better than other trees. It usually grows around the Mediterranean. It can withstand cold temperatures but if it is well protected and installed in an adequate environment.

After analyzing a lot of data, our scientists have acquired the certainty that it is the trees that generate the rains and not the reverse ...



Cork oak


Animal species

The bees

The bee is an essential link in biodiversity. Honey is the first benefit produced by this insect but it is essential for the pollination of many plants. The bee can gather 700 flowers a day.

Its survival is currently seriously threatened by climate change, intensive agricultural practices, pesticides. Its disappearance would be dangerous for our food. Bees are precious cultivation aids. Bees appreciate several varieties of plants, aromatic plants for example, such as thyme, rosemary, sage, mint, lemon balm, lavender or poppies... These plants, beneficial for health, grow easily in flower pots and are not only reserved for gardeners.

The hives are generally in cedar a wood known to be a repellent against certain parasites.



A few beehives


Insect hotel

Insect hotel made in natural materials, useful for the winter season


Especes animales

Mallard ducks