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The Vignacourt name, has been written in many ways over the centuries, such as that of Wignacourt belonging to the knights.

The descendants of the Wignacourt seigneury settled in the regions of Alsace, Artois, Champagne and Flanders.

The motto of Wignacourt Knights family is DURUM PATIENTA FRANGO. The transcript of this motto evolve several times, over time, we can say today like our famous proverb: "good things come to those who wait".

The oldest name known to date for the Wignacourt family is Simon. It would seem that there are links with the family of "d' Amiens", but that remains to be confirmed... This section requires again, more in-depth research.

The most emblematic people of this family are:

- Wignacourt Simon
- Wignacourt Alof
- Wignacourt Adrien




Wignacourt Simon

He participated in the Crusade of Saint John of Acre, in 1190. (Israel). According to ancient writings, his behavior would have enabled him to acquire the three fleurs-de-lys with the agreement of King Louis IX called Saint-Louis. The coat of arms of Simon de Wignacourt is exhibited in the room of the crusades of the castle of Versailles.


blason wignacourt

The wignacourt's coat of arms


Wignacourt Alof

He was born in Picardy on 1547. Grand Master Aloph de Wignacourt, Knight of the Order of Malta, he reigned for 21 years, from 1601 to 1622.

His father John owned lands at Beauvais city in Picardy, street Saint-Pierre, near the cathedral. There are a few meters away, the Wignacourt Street (next to the gym room).

He was a builder, he fortified the island of Malta against pirates attacks. He built a precious aqueduct intended to conduct water from an abundant source, from the city of Malta to the city of Valletta, opposite the palace of the Grand Masters. The construction of this structure started in 1611, took place over 5 years with the participation of more than 600 workers. He was buried in the chapel of the language of France to Malta in 1622. Alof's brother is also buried in Malta.

The direct line of Alof (descendant of Simon Wignacourt) died out in the 19th century. One of his descendants lived in Paris in the hotel called "Wignacourt Hotel", a few years later this place was occupied by the Belgian Embassy...


Alof painted by Le Caravage

Alof painted by Le caravage at the Louvre Museum - Paris


Malta Exposition at the military museum

Malta Exposition at the military museum of Paris
from 21 oct 2008 to 11 janv 2009


Ceremonial armorebattle armor

Ceremonial armore on left and battle armore of Alof on right,
with real mark of battle, and the rondache (or roundel),
temporary exhibition - Army museum in Paris.



Knight of the Order of Malta, born in Picardie. He was appointed Commander of the Knights of the Order of Malta from his birth in 1619.

He participated in the fortification of the island, by the construction of a magnificent arsenal for the galleys of order and several important stores. He took part in the reconstruction of Malta after the earthquake of January 1693.

He died on February 4, 1697. He is buried in the Saint John co-cathedral, in the chapel of the language of France in Malta.


Adrien Wignacourt painting

Adrien Wignacourt painting
photo courtesy of Mrs Florence Windmüller,
people of Vignacourt during 39 years, from 1966 to 1990.


Malta, Wignacourt Aqueduc

Wignacourt aqueduct in Malta was completed in 1616.