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Picardy village


Vignacourt is a Picardy village located 150 km from Paris and 20 km from Amiens in the northern France. A rural environment for this locality of about 2000 residents.

The Bay of Somme in this department is ranked as one of the most beautiful bays in the world with a varied wildlife, reachable by ornithological reserve of Marquenterre park, with a marked path and huts for photographers. You can also explore the famous underground city of Naours for the graffitis of the soldiers, very close to our municipality. The Samara park at 5 miles from our town, will immerse you in the prehistory.

Amiens city has a Gothic masterpiece whose construction began in the 13th century: the Cathedral. This world heritage monument is situatedĀ near the Saint-Leu district and the floating gardens. TheseĀ irrigated vegetable gardens are one additional feature of our beautiful region, it can be visit by small boats in the middle of gardens.

Our village enjoys a great church and a cultural heritage recognized by experts, as one of the most important recent discoveries of World War I: "the Thuillier collection".


Big flow

The water point was formerly known as "the big flow".