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Picardy village


Vignacourt is a Picardy village located 150 km from Paris and 20 km from Amiens. This region in Northern France, includes three departments: Aisne, Oise and Somme.
In 2016, politicians have renamed our region by "Hauts-de-France" (as Highs of France).

The Bay of Somme is one of the most beautiful bays in the world. You can see a variety of wildlife to the the ornithological park of Marquenterre.  (with huts for photographers).
Amiens city has a Gothic masterpiece whose construction began in the 13th century: the Cathedral. This world heritage monument is located near the Saint-Leu district nearby the floating gardens. These floating gardens are another feature of our beautiful region is a whole of canals to visit by small boats in the middle of gardens.

Our village benefits from of a great church and a cultural heritage recognized by experts, as one of the most important recent discoveries of World War I: the Thuillier collection.




The water point was formerly known as "the big flow".




The Vignacourt Church