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Picardy village


Vignacourt is a Picardy village located 150 km from Paris and 20 km from Amiens. This region of northern France originally included the departments of Aisne, Oise, and Somme.
It was renamed by region "Hauts-de-France" (as Highs of France), in 2016 by politicians.

The Bay of Somme is ranked as one of the most beautiful bays in the world with a variety of wildlife reachable in the ornithological reserve of Marquenterre park with a marked path and huts for photographers.

Amiens city has a Gothic masterpiece whose construction began in the 13th century: the Cathedral. This world heritage monument is located near the Saint-Leu district and the floating gardens. These floating gardens are another feature of our beautiful region is a whole of canals to visit by small boats in the middle of gardens.

Our village enjoys a great church and a cultural heritage recognized by experts, as one of the most important recent discoveries of World War I: the Thuillier collection.


Water point, the Vignacourt billabong><p> </p><p> </p><P></p>
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The water point was formerly known as "the big flow".


Gothic church


The Vignacourt Church